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By Jim, February 23, 2012 0 Uncategorized

Of course there’s dees.

DiRT 3 Soundtrack Officially Unveiled

By Jim, May 19, 2011 0 Uncategorized

Codemasters has announced the official DiRT 3 soundtrack.

Splash Damage on PSN Outage

By Shak, May 13, 2011 0 Developer, PS3, PSN

Splash Damage has spoken about the current PSN outage.

Naughty Dog: You Can’t Do Uncharted on a Shoestring

By Shak, May 12, 2011 0 Developer, PS3

Naughty Dog’s Amy Hennig has commented that Uncharted cannot be produced on a shoestring budget, and the Sony allows them to have a great amount of freedom.

PS3 Owner Gets System Software Update Notification While PSN is Down

By Jim, May 10, 2011 29 Media, PS3

The PlayStation Network has been offline for several weeks now and Sony have been reiterating that they’re trying their level best to get the PSN back online. Sony stated recently via a blog update that a PlayStation 3 firmware update… Read More »

Gabe Newell Did Not Make Decision to Develop For PS3

By Jim, May 10, 2011 0 Developer, PS3

When Sony’s E3 press conference last year commenced no one had thought Valve co-founder Gabe Newell would come out and announce Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3; a shock for many after the acclaimed developer criticizing Sony’s black behemoth machine…. Read More »

Amazing New Dark Souls Trailer

By Jim, May 10, 2011 0 Media, PS3, Xbox 360

An amazing new trailer for Dark Souls has been released, which also confirms an October 2011 release date.

PS3 Was Alien Technology – Brink Developer

By Jim, May 9, 2011 19 Developer, PS3

Brink’s developer, Splash Damage, has stated the PlayStation 3 was alien technology to them.

Juicy New Mass Effect 3 Details + One Massive Spoiler

By Jim, May 9, 2011 0 PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Some new juicy Mass Effect 3 details have been unearthed including one huge spoiler in the highly anticipated BioWare-developed game.

Google Chrome Not Coming to The PS3

By Jim, May 9, 2011 6 PS3

Unfortunately for PlayStation 3 owners, Google’s Chrome browser will not be coming to Sony’s console.

Will PSN be Pushed Offline by Users When it Returns?

By Shak, May 7, 2011 1 Editorials, PS3, PSN, PSP

The PlayStation Network has been down for several weeks now, and users are itching to get back online, but will it even be able to cope when it returns?

PSN Users Still Experiencing Money Being Stolen From Them

By Jim, May 5, 2011 7 PS3, PSN, Rumor
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After Sony stating several theories as to if PlayStation Network user’s CC details had been compromised, a few PSN users are still experiencing money being stolen from their accounts.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations Officially Announced

By Jim, May 5, 2011 0 Developer, Media, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Ubisoft has officially announced the next installment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

Stunning RAGE Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

By Jim, May 5, 2011 0 Media, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Bethesda Softworks’ RAGE is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2011. The game will pair great gameplay elements with some stunning visuals. Now, Bethesda has released an over-five-minute gameplay trailer for their forthcoming shooter, RAGE.

Confirmed: Sony Working on 2 Unannounced PS3 Exclusives

By Shak, May 4, 2011 1 PS3

It has been confirmed that Sony are working on two new unannounced PlayStation 3 exclusive titles, with a possibility of both being Starhawk and God of War 4.

Sony Confirms Anonymous Were Involved

By Shak, May 4, 2011 5 PS3, PSN, PSP

Despite the hacker group saying otherwise, Sony has confirmed that Anonymous were involved in the SOE hack.

Hackers Bring Back OtherOS For PS3

By Jim, May 4, 2011 11 PS3

Following the release of the PS3MFW Builder, the efforts to bring back OtherOS onto the PlayStation 3 had been all but abandoned. Now, however, a hacking group has successfully managed to bring back OtherOS to the PS3.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Requirements Revealed

By Jim, May 3, 2011 0 PC

The PC requirements for Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been revealed.

Sony’s Xperia Play Has Been Hacked

By Shak, May 3, 2011 4 PSN
Xperia Play

Sony’s PlayStation phone, the Xperia Play, has already been hacked and rooted.

Duke Nukem Forever System Requirements Revealed

By Jim, May 3, 2011 0 PC

Developer Gearbox Software has announced the recommended and minimum PC requirements for Duke Nukem Forever.