March 2, 2021


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A Fearless Stray Dog Fights A Lioness In This Viral Online video

A doggy usually takes on a lioness in this jaw-dropping video.

A jaw-dropping online video that has long gone viral on line displays a fearless pet dog battling a lioness. A online video of the abnormal fight was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Provider officer Parveen Kaswan. In the 1 and a half-minute-extended clip, the lioness was observed chasing the stray canine as vacationers on a jeep viewed from a small length away.

The online video reveals the dog barking furiously even though running. Ultimately, a combat broke out concerning the two animals from which the canine managed to walk absent miraculously unscathed. As the lioness experimented with to strategy it again, the doggy charged and her, once again barking loudly. It ultimately pressured the significant cat to retreat and was then filmed jogging absent from the scene. 

“Want this much self esteem in life. Puppy vs Lion,” wrote Mr Kaswan even though sharing the clip. He also mentioned that the encounter “highlights problem of stray pet dogs and wildlife interaction”. 


“Lion just utilised as indicative. It really is a lioness to be exact,” Mr Kaswan clarified in the feedback section.

The footage has been viewed in excess of 1.6 lakh occasions on the microblogging platform, gathering a ton of surprised reactions. 

Whilst some commented on the surprising outcome of the battle, other people tweeted about the uncommon mother nature of the encounter and the difficulty of stray pet and wildlife conversation that Mr Kaswan experienced touched upon.

Very last year, a video of honey badgers fighting a pride of lions had long gone viral on social media. Inspite of remaining outnumbered by animals substantially larger than by themselves, the honey badgers were filmed profitable the battle and forcing the significant cats to retreat. 

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