April 11, 2021


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Odorous Household Ants Are Virginia’s Quantity Just one Ant Pest

Why do they like your Alexandria household?

By Gene Wright

Alexandria, VA – Are you noticing tiny ants around your Alexandria house? There is very likely a rationale they are sticking all around.

There are above 13,000 ant species through the planet, but none wrinkle the nose as a great deal as odorous house ants. As the identify indicates, these ants launch a strange odor when they are crushed. The scent is generally described as blue cheese, rancid butter, or rotten coconuts.

Do not allow these ants hire out a home in your gorgeous Alexandria property! In its place, go through this manual to study much more about how to get rid of odorous ants.

Ridding your house of odorous ants

Odorous household ants are native to the United States. They reside in colonies of up to 100,000 ants and are characterised by:

· A dimensions between 1/16” to 1/8”

· Brown or black coloration

· A segmented, oval system form

· 6 legs

Odorous ants consume lifeless insects, sugary sweets, and meat. You could possibly locate them all-around your dwelling after a occasion. Leaving meals out can draw in these critters into your household.

These ants also make their households in:

· Exposed soil

· Less than stones

· Logs

· Mulch

· Debris

They generally nest in wall and floor cracks as nicely.

Odorous ants concentrate on kitchen pantries and cupboards. Make absolutely sure to preserve these spots clean and no cost of crumbs. Or else, you are certain to obtain these ants in your Alexandria home.

How serious are they?

Odorous home ants do not pose a menace to your health, but they can contaminate the foods or waste all around your household. And they also stink when they are crushed.

Odorous ants usually invade kitchen area storage spots, like cupboards. This gives them the chance to damage your food, which could cause disappointment and squandered cash.

These pests also bite. Though it will not lead to substantially agony, it can become irritated.

How do I get rid of them?

About-the-counter liquid or aerosol insecticide might trigger far more of a issue than a resolution for these ants. These items will eliminate the ants they touch but normally cause the key colony of ants to scatter and create new nests. The most effective way to get rid of odorous residence ants is to contact a professional. Professionals use product-chemistries precise to these ants and can create a tailor made strategy to keep your property bug-cost-free.

You can also reduce odorous household ants from crawling around your property in the long term.

To start with, make certain you get rid of standing water close to your residence. Ants are captivated to humidity. Glimpse for puddles or resources of h2o leaks in close proximity to the dwelling.

Subsequent, minimize back again any tree branches or plants that are in close proximity to or touching your residence. Ants use these branches to get inside of. They may well also use cracks or tiny openings to crawl into your household, so near all those gaps!

Check that any firewood, property particles, or constructing supplies are stored away from your residence. Pests, such as odorous property ants, develop their nests in these resources.

Keep in mind, if you ever require a serving to hand with these or other pests, we are here to assist (planetfriendlypestcontrol.com).

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