April 11, 2021


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Purple fox attacks Chippewa Falls man’s chickens

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) – Gabriel Slayton woke up early Wednesday early morning to uncover a red fox in his garden. The fox then attacked his chicken coup, killing four of his 10 hens. Two other folks chickens are lacking.

“I was shocked originally but, you know, I recognize that there is a hierarchy on the meals chain and it is just component of mother nature,” he mentioned.

Slayton explained he to begin with saw the purple fox on his stability digital camera feed.

“It took me a whilst to notice what was heading on when I observed the fox on the camera but it wasn’t the 1st matter on my thoughts that it was going to come into my yard and have a feast on the chickens,” he stated.

Slayton reported he received the chickens about a year in the past as a pandemic passion. Fearful of pandemic similar food-shortages, he reported he thought hens would be very good to have given that they lay a ton of eggs.

The animals immediately became component of Slayton’s family members.

“It’s one thing to glance ahead to daily. You know, just go outside the house and, you know, say hello to them. And they’ll come correct up to you, you know, generally on the lookout for meals but they are quite social creatures and actually attention-grabbing to have around,” he stated.

The pink fox obtained absent. Slayton has since fortified his coup and place a number of fox traps in garden.

In accordance to Shawn Rossler, a Furbearer Expert with the Wisconsin Office of Natural Methods, crimson foxes are prevalent in the point out. People are allowed to lure them if they’re creating home harm.

He reported pink foxes are shy creatures but also opportunistic predators.

Slayton mentioned if he catches the pink fox, he hopes it’ll be relocated somewhere in which it cannot get into way too a great deal problems.

“It was definitely curious to see, you know, what the phrase ‘fox in a henhouse’ actually suggests,” he claimed.

Slayton stated he’s not absolutely sure if he’s likely to substitute the 6 chickens.

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