Mass Effect 2

9.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Sound: 10/10

Talking about Mass Effect 2 is not an easy task, developer BioWare have crafted a huge game with a vast number of missions and ways to play this title. Since the PlayStation 3 version is the one that we are reviewing we will be covering the different DLC packages that this game has to offer, Lair of the Shadow Broker, Kasumi’s Stolen Memories and Overlord, all of these downloadable contents provide even more gameplay hours (+6 according to the game box art). We will first talk about this content to get it out of our way.

Lair of the Shadow Broker consists of helping Liara T’Soni rescue a friend of hers named Feron, along the way you will encounter the Broker’s special agents who will try to stop you on achieving your objectives. This particular DLC is filled with a lot of action and varied scenery, one level that I especially liked is when you are on top of the Broker’s ship and you are able to watch the whole space that is surrounding you.

Overlord centers the action on a Cerberus research building where chaos is reigning, the Geth have taken control of this facility and there’s only one survivor, a scientist named Archer, he explains you that the cause of all this was an experiment gone wrong, you will need to find a way to regain control of the base and deactivate the geth. The story of this DLC pack is good, and you are able to make some decisions that will define the things that happen later.

The last DLC is Kasumi’s Stolen Memories, you will gain another member that will be able to help you in your quest of saving the universe, she’s a very mysterious lady called Kasumi, also a new quest will be available to you, here you will need to find access to the vault of a very wealthy man that is hosting a party in his house, this mission is extremely different to all the others that you will play in Mass Effect 2, it kind of reminded me of games like Hitman and Splinter Cell, it adds some variety that is always welcomed.

Now that we got all the DLC covered we can talk about the main game. Mass Effect 2 puts you in control of Commander Shepard; the story begins some weeks later after the ending of the first game with a short gameplay sequence of Shepard’s ship, the Normandy which finds itself under the attack by some other ship. Later you wake up in the Lazarus Research Station owned by Cerberus. Cerberus has a lot of involvement in the things that take place in Mass Effect; its leader is the Illusive Man, a very mysterious guy that gives you the main quests on the game.

Since the PlayStation 3 didn’t get the original Mass Effect because it was published by Microsoft, BioWare added an interactive comic book story for the beginning of the game, here you will be told about the events that happened in the first Mass Effect, it is a nice way to give gamers a recap of the game’s story. Also the decisions that you take in this comic will change the way things unfold in your experience with Mass Effect 2, so choose wisely.

When playing this game you will have some companions that will help you fight the enemies that you find along the way, you can recruit new members by doing some missions and then make them loyal to you so they fight better in the battlefield. The first squad mates that you have are Jacob and Miranda, they work for Cerberus and are assigned to help you. The game gives you a variety of options to interact with your party members; you can command them to use certain skills or to establish some waypoints for them, you can use this when you want to make some kind of strategy to attack your enemies. Also through some dialogue options you will be able to get closer to your companions, even to the point of establishing a romance.

Some more RPG elements that you will find in Mass Effect 2 is how you level up your character, you can assign some skill points that you earn to certain abilities like some biotic powers that let you interact with your foes by slamming them to the floor or pulling them to you. Your party members are also able to do this and with the skill wheel you can activate said powers anytime you want.

The visuals in this title are great and extremely polished, it contains a lot details and all of the game’s environment are breath-taking, so we can say that this is one the best looking games that you can find on the PlayStation 3, BioWare really did a good job at developing Mass Effect 2 on the console.

Overall, Mass Effect 2 is an incredible game, what you just read here is not even half of what you can find in the title when you are playing it, it’s huge and it will definitely be worth the money that you pay for it. Also you won’t need to play the original Mass Effect to understand this awesome story thanks to the well built comic book that BioWare put in the beginning of the game. Mass Effect 2 is one of the best experiences that you will find on the PlayStation 3; go buy it now.


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