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George Hotz on PSN Hack: It Wasn’t Me

By Jim, April 28, 2011 0 PS3, PSN
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George Hotz has denied any involvement on the hacking of the PlayStation Network.

GeoHot Asks You to Help Fight Sony

By Jim, April 14, 2011 92 PS3, Uncategorized
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After detailing some interesting contents of his battle with Sony in the court, infamous PlayStation 3 and iPhone hacker George Hotz has asked people to – if they want the legality of jailbreaking their PS3 resolved – file a declaratory… Read More »

George Hotz Speaks in Detail – Exposes Sony; Calls Them Liars

By Jim, April 13, 2011 32 PS3
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After George Hotz’s battle with Sony in the court ended, the PlayStation 3 and iPhone hacker stated there’s much more to come from him in terms of information (regarding Sony). Well, he certainly wasn’t joking around as Geohot has revealed… Read More »