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Confirmed: Sony Working on 2 Unannounced PS3 Exclusives

By Shak, May 4, 2011 1 PS3

It has been confirmed that Sony are working on two new unannounced PlayStation 3 exclusive titles, with a possibility of both being Starhawk and God of War 4.

Rumor Slayer: Halo 4, Hitman 5, Starhawk

By Luis Anaya, May 2, 2011 0 Features, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

VGN365 give their verdict on some recently rumored games including Halo 4, Hitman 5 as well as the imminent announcement of Starhawk.

Warhawk Developer Eager to Talk About PS3 Exclusive

By Jim, April 26, 2011 0 Developer, PS3

LightBox Interactive has spoken of their desire to show off their yet-to-be-announced PS3 exclusives to the masses.