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New inFamous 2 Gameplay Footage is Mesmerizing

By Jim, May 2, 2011 0 Media, PS3

Sucker Punch has been hard at work with their forthcoming hotly-anticipated title, inFamous 2. The PlayStation 3 exclusive’s predecessor is one of the standout PS3-only games so it is no surprise that a sequel is close to being released. As… Read More »

Sucker Punch Working on Unannounced PS3 Exclusive

By Jim, April 28, 2011 0 Developer, PS3

inFamous developer Sucker Punch are apparently working on a new PlayStation 3 IP.

inFamous 2 Footage Shows Massive Beast Battle

By Jim, April 28, 2011 0 Media, PS3

A new inFamous 2 video has popped up showing off a massive beast battle.

Sucker Punch Extends inFamous 2 Beta

By Jim, April 26, 2011 0 PS3

Sucker Punch has decided to extend the inFamous 2 beta.

Latest inFamous 2 Screens Are Electrifying

By Jim, April 26, 2011 0 PS3

Sucker Punch has released the latest inFamous 2 screenshots.

Key inFamous 2 Features Revealed

By Jim, April 25, 2011 0 PS3

Sucker Punch’s revealed the key features for inFamous 2.

PS3 Gamers Playing The Hell out of inFamous 2 Beta; Nearly 2GB Patch Incoming

By Shak, April 21, 2011 4 Betas, Patches, PS3, PSN

Sucker Punch’s inFamous 2 beta must be getting hammered; they’ve already announced a patch.

inFamous 2′s Editing Tools Gets a Trailer

By Jim, April 19, 2011 0 Media, PS3

The editing tool feature included in inFamous 2 has been given a trailer for a detailed look into what to expect from the inclusion.

New inFamous 2 Screens Shows PS3′s Visual Advancement

By Jim, April 8, 2011 4 Media, PS3

New inFamous 2 Screens Shows PS3′s Visual Advancement

Sony has released a new set of inFamous 2 screenshots which shows the PlayStation 3′s visual advancement from the sequel’s predecessor.