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Gabe Newell Did Not Make Decision to Develop For PS3

By Jim, May 10, 2011 0 Developer, PS3

When Sony’s E3 press conference last year commenced no one had thought Valve co-founder Gabe Newell would come out and announce Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3; a shock for many after the acclaimed developer criticizing Sony’s black behemoth machine…. Read More »

First Portal 2 DLC to Arrive During Summer

By Jim, April 28, 2011 0 Developer, DLC, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
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Valve has confirmed the first Portal 2 downloadable content will arrive in the summer.

Valve: Portal 2 Probably Our Last Single-Player Only Game

By Shak, April 25, 2011 0 Developer, PC, PS3, PSN, Xbox 360, Xbox Live

Valve’s founder Gabe Newell has commented on the state of the gaming industry and said that Portal 2 will probably their last game with an isolated single-player experience.

Portal 2′s PC Version Gets Patched

By Jim, April 23, 2011 0 Patches, PC
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Valve’s released a new patch for the PC version of Portal 2.

Valve Says PS3 & PC Are One Big Happy Family

By Jim, April 21, 2011 0 Developer, PS3

The ass kissing continues, I see.

Portal Sells Nearly 4 Million

By Jim, April 20, 2011 0 Developer, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
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Hot damn!

PS3 Version of Portal 2 Becomes One of The Highest Rated Games Ever

By Jim, April 19, 2011 7 Developer, PS3
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Portal 2′s review embargo lifted today and, as expected, gamers were drowned with countless extremely positive Portal 2 reviews. The PlayStation 3 version of Valve’s masterpiece has now become one of the highest rated games of all time on Metacritic.

Portal 2 Single Player Length is Over 10 Hours

By Jim, April 19, 2011 0 PS3, Xbox 360
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Portal 2′s single-player length will be over 10 hours, it has been unveiled.