March 2, 2021


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Why Does My Cat Like to Knock Things Over?

Chasing their owner’s toes, attempting to consume tape, and scratching mirrors — cats have a lengthy record of quirky behaviors that leave us puzzled! One cat habit I actually are unable to feel to figure out, even though, is why they enjoy to knock things over. Why do they look to discover pleasure in pushing items to the edge of the desk and watching them drop as their owner (aka me) appears to be like on in stress? What presents!? As two authorities clarify under, this behavior is widespread in felines and has some very appealing motives driving it.

Cats knocking things above is absolutely nothing out of the everyday, and as it turns out, there are a few excellent explanations cats may perhaps act out this (from time to time infuriating) conduct. A single of the good reasons, in accordance to Maureen Murithi, DVM, registered veterinarian and veterinary spokesperson of online pet source SpiritDog Training, is that cats are normal hunters and their wish to knock issues over may possibly be rooted in prey generate. “They commonly use their paws to check unfamiliar objects in their natural environment,” Dr. Murithi mentioned. “Cats’ paws are very sensitive, and thus they use them to check if unfamiliar objects are safe and sound.”

Another enthusiasm cats may perhaps have to knock things over is they are seeking to get their owner’s focus. Ever set down a glass of drinking water on the desk and wander absent, only to have your cat push it to the edge and knock it above? Yup, it may possibly be for the reason that they are attempting to capture your eye. “Cats appreciate focus and are eager to discover your response based on their behavior,” Dr. Murithi informed POPSUGAR. “Your reaction next an incident all-around the home, these as knocking in excess of a flower vase, can ailment them to associate it with notice.” So it is essential to act nonchalant when these scenarios occur up.

Final, but not minimum, cats could be knocking issues about around the household since they are curious and, pretty basically, bored. “Cats are really curious,” reported Jeff Werber, DVM, chief veterinary officer for Airvet. “Their pure inclination is to contact factors, which becomes a difficulty if what they are touching is not nicely-anchored.” Dr. Werber cautioned that if your cat is knocking factors about repeatedly, they may well be bored.

Because indoor cats are retained inside and not equipped to go out and satisfy their innate curiosity with outside stimuli, Dr. Murithi recommended to timetable a perform time with moving objects to enable solution any boredom or motivation to be entertained affiliated with knocking things in excess of. “To avoid these accidents, scheduled playtime is encouraged, aimed at discovering a release from pent-up energy,” Dr. Murithi claimed. “Transferring objects offer you a good distraction, primarily for indoor cats as they absence the independence to investigate the outdoors and work out or enjoy.”