May 11, 2021


We know our pets

A aspect influence of the pandemic: Chunky animals

Veterinarians are noticing a aspect result of the coronavirus pandemic: weight acquire in pets. 

BluePearl Veterinary Partners, a national pet healthcare facility group, discovered that previous 12 months, over half of the 1.1 million pets treated at their clinics have been over weight: 52% of puppies and 56% of cats. BluePearl found out a 24% maximize in obese canines addressed at its techniques in excess of the last seven a long time. 

A Hill’s Pet Nourishment examine exposed that 71% of vets documented observing pet bodyweight attain in their office environment joined to the pandemic. More than fifty percent of pet proprietors explained they give their pets treats for no motive. 

Dr. Lindsey Bullen, a board-qualified veterinary nutritionist and specialist in little animal rate of metabolism at BluePearl, reported she suspects that even much more animals may possibly be obese than pointed out. Pet weight problems has been on the increase for many years and looks to have been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic when pet owners have been household extra.