May 14, 2021


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Amphibian is the New Bunny

Ribbiting news! This yr, the Cadbury Easter Bunny is toad-ally great! Introducing Betty, an Australian White’s tree frog, and this year’s winner of the 3rd once-a-year Cadbury Bunny Tryouts.

By Sarah Storkin, Observer Employees Writer

The star of the newest Cadbury bunny industrial has been unveiled and it can be a frog.

The sweet enterprise announced the winner of its 2021 Cadbury Bunny tryouts and the coveted rabbit ears will go to Betty, an Australian White tree frog from Florida, claimed UPI.

Betty was picked out out of 12,000 finalists and is the initially amphibian to characterize the brand name in its annual Easter professional.

“Thank you to all of our awesome finalists in the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts this 12 months and congratulations to Betty the frog, our newest Cadbury Bunny!” said Trevor Jakubek, Senior Associate Brand Supervisor at Cadbury, in a press launch.

“We are so excited to pass the coveted ears to her and know that she is likely make a good addition to our Cadbury Bunny ‘hall of fame.'”

Betty and her proprietor, University of Central Florida pupil Kaitlyn Vidal

Cadbury gave the environment a glimpse of their “spokesbunny” in an lovely video. “Thank you to all those people who entered and voted throughout the 2021 Cadbury Tryouts! The new Bunny is 🥁… Betty!” the firm captioned the clip.

In addition to starring in the 2021 Cadbury Clucking Bunny commercial, Betty also scores $5,000 in dollars. The company will donate $15,000 to the ASPCA, to honor all animals nationwide.

“Betty’s been a wonderful addition to our property, and we are so glad we get to share her with the rest of the planet!” said Betty’s proprietor, Kaitlyn V.

“She has been a great companion at school, and many thanks to the help of my buddies, relatives, and the amphibian group, I know she’ll make Cadbury happy as she inherits the bunny ears.”

Very last year’s winner was a Treeing Walker coonhound named Lieutenant Dan.