October 15, 2021


We know our pets

Ant Baths, a Homosexual Road Excursion, and Viruses in Labs

Extravagant an ant bath? (CBC Information)
by Cathy Kearney
When a photographer spotted an apparently balanced crow covered in ants, he was puzzled. But experts say “anting,” deliberately placing ants on their feathers, is flawlessly regular chook behavior, even if people really don’t know for certain why they do it.

Gay liberation highway journey: An oral history (Harper’s Bazaar)
by Hugh Ryan
In 1970, 5 homosexual liberation activists drove throughout the nation, spreading the term about an impending Black Panther convention. Historian Hugh Ryan collects their memories of communal life, medicine, speedy foods, and revolutionary desires.

Why bring viruses into labs? (The Dialogue)
by Jerry Malayer
Why would scientists mess with potentially unsafe viruses in their laboratories anyway? It’s genuine that there are hazards to this get the job done, but there are also incredibly significant risks to not obtaining out anything we can about biological hazards.

Black preschools, white preschools (Lifestyle Research)
by Anne Helen Petersen
US preschools are remarkably segregated by race and course. That impacts the activities little ones have, irrespective of programs’ instructional high quality.

What is church for? (Christianity Now)
by Lyman Stone
Christian mom and dad normally want church to enable their young ones figure out how to make fantastic alternatives and be happy. For youth ministers much more concerned about the transcendental factors of faith, that can be a challenge.

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