May 12, 2021


We know our pets

Ant invasion: How animals come to be pests

When I was a teen, I volunteered in the rainforest show at an aquarium. A couple of moments a 7 days, we’d get a cellular phone call from a person wanting to donate a pet that they could no for a longer period treatment for. Largely turtles and frogs. The occasional parrot. At the time, a retired dancer wished to uncover a new residence for two boa constrictors that experienced been aspect of her act.

But the aquarium could not just take all the animals it was offered, and I often questioned what took place to all people unwanted pets. A lot of very likely found new homes, but some ended up most likely produced into neighborhood parks or ponds, however.

This 4-metre, 43-kilogram feminine Burmese python was found a few of metres from an upscale housing enhancement in Naples, Fla. Most authorities believe released pet pythons recognized a breeding inhabitants in the mid-1990s.

A current analyze by scientists at the University of Lausanne warns that the pet trade is contributing to the spread of invasive species all-around the world. The research, revealed in the Proceedings of the Countrywide Academy of Sciences (PNAS), observed that traded pets are generally invasive species, this means they establish normal populations in new destinations.

These pets are not just bigger animals that are in some cases released in the wild when they outgrow their cages, like the Burmese pythons that have invaded the Florida Everglades, but even a reasonably new and condominium-pleasant pet: ants.

Ants are popular animals

I research ants, which can make me a myrmecologist, and I from time to time maintain dwell ant colonies for investigation applications in my lab. At a single place, I had virtually 100 stay ant colonies for a study comparing invasive and native ants as seed dispersers.

I acquire wild ant queens and staff from a biological station near me and house them in examination tubes, which I wrap in tin foil and partially fill with wet cotton. This keeps the examination tubes moist and dark, and ordinarily the queen and her employees will go proper in.

A test tube holding ants and sealed with cotton balls.
A queen ant and other people in an ant farm starter test tube.

Mainly because ants are uncomplicated to treatment for and downright fascinating to enjoy, they are expanding quickly in reputation as pets. In accordance to the PNAS research, at minimum 65 websites now sell and ship ants all above the entire world.

As a myrmecologist, I am thrilled that other people are acquiring joy in ants. Ants have elaborate social life, engage in crucial roles in ecosystems and are capable of certainly exceptional things.

Some ants be part of their bodies collectively into floating rafts or bridges to cross h2o or other obstructions. Other folks are intelligent adequate to figure out and recall the most immediate route home.

A person of the ant species that I study makes massive gardens of its host vegetation in the Amazon rain forest by poisoning all other vegetation with formic acid. There are very well about 15,000 species of ants on Earth, and they live on each and every continent except Antarctica. Ants have even been to place.

I appreciate ants, so I can’t blame people today for seeking ants as animals.

Ants have elaborate social behaviours and can perform collectively to resolve issues, which includes building a bridge to transfer foodstuff throughout an open up room.

Pet ants are normally invasive species

But some ant species are also really severe pests.

Five ant species — Argentine ants, crimson imported hearth ants, yellow nuts ants, little fire ants and major-headed ants — are amid the best 100 worst invasive species in the earth mainly because they can have devastating impacts on regional ecosystems. Invasive ants usually out-contend indigenous insects, hurt floor- and burrow-nesting birds and assist distribute other pest species.

The PNAS research identified 520 ant species are traded as animals, and of these, 57 species (or 11 for each cent) are recognized to be invasive, compared to just 1.7 for every cent of ants over-all. Curiously, the pet trade in ants is new adequate that individuals 57 invasive ant species ended up most likely not launched to new pieces of the globe by pet entrepreneurs.

Alternatively, the new exploration emphasizes that the similar attributes that make animals great pets usually make animals superior invaders. For illustration, invasive ant species commonly have colonies with extra than a person queen, and ant species with multiple queens are also more commercially prosperous animals.

Ants crawling over a pale gecko
Yellow nuts ants attacking a gecko in India.

Mainly because some of the ants I study in my lab are invasive species, my lab associates and I consider further care to make guaranteed our ants do not escape. We put the ants’ check tube nests in plastic Tupperware containers that we coat with a particular compound identified as Fluon, a milky white resin that makes the partitions of the containers so sleek that ants just can’t climb up them. Then we place the containers on shelves that have legs that sit in minimal bowls of mineral oil. If a wayward ant happens to make a operate for it, she’ll get stuck in the oil just before she can get to the doorway.

But individuals preserving ants or other invasive animals as pets could not be as cautious.

Thankfully, there is an quick repair: do a little research when wanting for a new pet, and take into account deciding upon a species that is native to your spot.

Ant lovers can even gather a colony locally. Ants are so diverse and ample that there is very good possibility that you can uncover an intriguing and suited native ant species close to you, anywhere you are in the earth. Just remember you have to discover a queen to hold the colony heading. Then, sit back and indulge your appreciate of ants.