November 28, 2021


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At $22,500, Is This Jaguar XK 120 Duplicate The Cat’s Pajamas?

Nice Price or No Dice Jaguar XK 120 replica

They say that elegance is only pores and skin deep, and while today’s Nice Price or No Dice applicant is a replica of a single of the most stunning vehicles in the planet, there’s a question about what’s truly under that pores and skin. Let us see how questionable its rate may well also prove to be.

Mercedes-Benz offers a lot of models for sale in the U.S. In truth, it is really exceptional that the company is in a position to sustain these types of a broad variety in what is today’s SUV and crossover-crazed environment. The corporation even has the audacity to provide absolutely three four-door products it designates as coupes owing to small more than an intense roofline.

The 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG we appeared at yesterday represented a single of the very first of the company’s four-doorway coupes, and although its handsome traces rather overcome that unfortunate naming conference, the sizzling edition we thought of couldn’t overcome the hurdle of its $20,500 asking cost. In the finish, that fought its way to a 60 percent No Dice loss.

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We’re likely to start out out our dialogue of today’s Jaguar XK 120 replica by noting just how perplexing the ad’s description of the auto appears to be. In that advert, the vendor rightfully notes that the vehicle is a reproduction, and further points out that it carries a drivetrain from Ford, comprised of a carbureted 302 V8 and a C4 3-velocity automatic.

Which is all really straightforward. The weird section is that the seller then claims that the vehicle is built “on a modified 1982 Alfa Romeo Chassis.” Huh? I’m fairly confident the only types Alfa Romeo offered in the U.S. in 1982 have been the GTV6 and the Spider and those ended up both of those device-physique styles. A person of all those had a rear transaxle and de Dion suspension, not a Ford C4. This odd conundrum is even more clouded by a VIN plate placed above the brake booster that has the odd design descriptor of “1948 Jaguar XK 120 / Alfa Romeo.”

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Adding to that strange origin story, are some other anomalies listed here. The seller, and that VIN plaque, calls the motor vehicle a 120, and claims the model year it is replicating to be 1948. In spite of that, the auto wears a grille off the later XK 140. That grille fronts a hood that requirements evident adjustment. A bit of the Jag mystique is also missing by the use of spherical amber switch signal lenses mounted over the bumperettes somewhat than the serious deal’s chrome fender-topping units. The Cabin has a dashboard sourced from the lumber garden, set with middle-mounted gauges. That would be ideal ended up this a fastened-head or drop-head coupe, but in the OTS, the sprint would have been vinyl-wrapped. The B&M shifter doesn’t speak to authenticity both.

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Alright, adequate poor-mouthing, let us look at the car’s positives. Initial off, the XK 120 is rather perhaps one particular of the leading 5 most lovely car designs at any time pounded into steel. From a lot of angles, this fiberglass replica does its progenitor proper. Aside from the grille and flip indicators, the vehicle does show up to ape the 120 structure extra so than the later on 140. That usually means wonderful slender bumperettes and spherical tail lamps on chrome-plated mounts. The cabin also seems to be to be that of the extra cramped 120 than the a few-inch further 140.

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There is a good deal to be mentioned about the reliability and repairability of the Ford drivetrain above the real 120’s 3.4 liter DOHC straight-6 and JH Moss gearbox too. Alongside the exact strains, the steel wheels and faux wire wheel addresses are in all probability a lot easier to sustain than the actual car’s knock-off wires. By the way, if the authentic car or truck experienced metal wheels it would have worn skirts.

Other difficulties below incorporate a top rated that demands to be replaced and an problem with the title that indicates the car or truck will be offered with a bill of sale only. For many parts, and specifically for a motor vehicle as odd as this, that must be all you want. No warranty is offered, but I’ll wager the vendor will would like the new owner good luck before they drive absent.

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Obtaining into any aged Jag sporting activities auto needs a bit of dexterity because of to the little doorways and huge steering wheel. Acquiring into this odd bodkin of a duplicate also requires $22,500. Which is a good quarter of what a real XK 120 would established you again, and it is now time for us all to vote on whether or not that’s a superior sufficient offer to cosplay a Jaguar.

What do you think, is this kind of weird replica truly worth that $22,500 asking? Or, does cost make this a cat with no life remaining?

You decide!

Westchester, New York, Craigslist, or go right here if the advert disappears.

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