October 17, 2021


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Big difference Among Termites and Ants & How to Convey to Them Aside

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Photograph: Nahid Hasan Ropak (Shutterstock)

Just one working day, you’re sitting down in your residing home observing Television set or looking through a reserve, and suddenly see one thing out of the corner of your eye. It was very small, darkish-colored, and speedy, but you did not get a fantastic appear at it. You location an additional just one and monitor it throughout the room until you discover a complete colony of these bugs residing lease-no cost in your dwelling.

Ahead of you can commence to offer with them, you to start with have to determine out what they are. You suspect either ants or termites, but are doubtful which is which. Given that they are two distinctive creatures that cause various forms of injury, it’s a good idea to obtain out a minor bit a lot more about your new roommates. In an report for BobVila.com, Melissa Graham breaks down the variances between ants and termites, including when it is time to get in touch with in a experienced.

How to explain to the change involving ants and termites

Let’s begin with their actual physical appearances. Below are some of the key variances between ants and termites, courtesy of Graham:


You’ve likely witnessed ants at some position, and know that they are fairly darkish in color—either a deep purple, brown, or black. Termites, on the other hand, are translucent and gentle-colored or white.


If you are able to get up near adequate to these bugs to see their antennae, that will also provide a clue as to which insect you’re dealing with. That’s mainly because ants have elbowed or bent antennae, whilst termites have straight antennae, Graham clarifies.


Modern society has us conditioned to glimpse at—and then judge—other people’s bodies, and now it is time to place that talent to use on bugs. A termite’s stomach doesn’t have a outlined midsection, whilst ants have nicely-defined waists and much more rectangular bodies, according to Graham.


To make things a small trickier, there are sorts of both equally bugs that can fly, and each and every has 4 wings. Here’s Graham with extra details:

Termites have wings that are equal in duration and are for a longer time than their bodies, whilst flying ants’ wings are unequal in duration. An ant’s again hind wings are shorter than its entrance fore wings, and they are fairly proportional to their bodies. Termites also have extremely fragile wings that can drop off conveniently, and if you see fallen wings in your dwelling, this can often indicate an infestation.

Locations you’ll come across ants or termites

Another clue as to which insect you’re dealing with, is where you uncover it.

Out in the open up, in wide daylight

Termites have a tendency to avoid gentle, Graham describes. So unless of course you are on a mission committed to acquiring them outdoor, you probably haven’t witnessed them outdoors. Ants, on the other hand, aren’t shy, and you’ve very likely viewed them crawling all over outdoors, and/or at picnics (the two real and in cartoons).

In close proximity to foodstuff or wooden

A single of the vital distinctions concerning ants and termites is their weight loss plans. Ants are not picky eaters: They feed on vegetation, animals, and any foodstuff waste or particles. They can usually be seen on kitchen counters (particularly when there’s food items left out), crawling close to rubbish cans, and bordering pet food items dishes.

Termites, on the other hand, only eat points that are rich in cellulose, like wood and paper, Graham suggests. So in its place of getting them near sources of human meals, you’re extra possible to place them in drywall, cardboard, insulation, wood, and other stuff with that tasty cellulose.

And if you find wood hurt in your home—especially piles of sawdust or wooden pellets—and suspect bugs, there’s a fantastic probability that you’re working with termites. Ants typically really do not lead to wooden hurt.

How to get rid of ants and termites

Run-of-the-mill household ants, for the most section, are something you’re capable to choose treatment of you. (Here’s how to do that.) But if you suspect that you are working with hearth or carpenter ants, Graham says that you may want to consider receiving a experienced to asses the problem. Similarly, for the reason that of the structural damage that termites can induce (which isn’t generally recognizable), it is also very best to consult with a professional if you believe individuals household-wreckers have moved in with you.