October 16, 2021


We know our pets

Curious cat? Researchers determine 7 feline behavioral, personality traits

There is a lot more than satisfies the eye to the personalities of our feline friends.

Cats, more so than dogs, are typically deemed by many as having extra mysterious behavioral styles and currently being considerably less emotionally expressive. But a new review from the College of Helsinki has deciphered the enigmatic styles of domestic cats, obtaining 7 distinctive temperament and behavioral attributes.

The researchers studied the behaviors of more than 4,300 diverse cats, spanning 26 different breeds, and located the next attributes, which the cats exhibit frequently.

– Action/playfulness

– Fearfulness

– Aggression to people

– Sociability to human beings

– Sociability in the direction of cats

– Litterbox difficulties

– Extreme grooming

Figuring out these features is primarily vital, as, regardless of the reputation of cats as pets, their behavioral and character traits are considerably much less comprehended when compared to dogs. This can be crucial, as it can make determining difficulties a good deal more complicated.

“Compared to canine, a lot less is recognised about the habits and persona of cats, and there is demand from customers for identifying similar difficulties and threat factors. We need to have additional comprehending and equipment to weed out problematic behavior and enhance cat welfare,” University of Helsinki and the Folkhälsan Exploration Center doctoral researcher Salla Mikkola mentioned in a statement

“The most typical behavioral worries associated with cats relate to aggression and inappropriate elimination.”

Israeli rescue cat Dwight K. Schrute is noticed at her residence in Ra’anana. (credit: ELISHEVA JACOBSON)

The conclusions of the research, revealed in the educational journal Animals and which is the most substantial examine of its sort hence significantly, could support discover genetic, environmental and character aspects that influence problematic conduct from one’s cat.

And genetic components might play a larger position than some would think. The examine mentioned that some features have been a lot more prevalent than others based on breed.

“The most fearful breed was the Russian Blue, though the Abyssinian was the the very least fearful,” said College of Helsinki and the Folkhälsan Research Center Prof. Hannes Lohi.

“The Bengal was the most lively breed, even though the Persian and Unique were being the most passive. The breeds exhibiting the most extreme grooming were being the Siamese and Balinese, though the Turkish Van breed scored significantly bigger in aggression toward humans and decreased in sociability in the direction of cats.”

Additional sophisticated research are desired to greater study these character features, and the impact of other things these types of as age, gender and total well being.

Cats are one particular of the most preferred pets of selection around the globe and are beloved in all corners of the globe. 

In Israel, the cat populace is specially high, with estimates putting the selection of cats on the street on your own at more than two million.  On the other hand, lots of of these feral cats are living in lousy situations, part of the reason for which could be a deficiency of understanding of their habits, which several obtain harder to comprehend than pet dogs.