September 18, 2021


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Endangered species identified in the Wabash Valley

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) — The Wabash Valley has played a historic position in the variety of reptiles and amphibians in the point out. Soon after yrs of not spotting a one plains leopard frog, experts say they are obtaining back again on the map.

Plains leopard frogs are an endangered species in the condition of Indiana. From the 1970s to early 2000 there wasn’t a single documented record of this amphibian.

“In 2019, we caught wind of a file north of Terre Haute, in close proximity to Clinton, and we went and confirmed it, and we ended up acquiring these frogs at a few of other websites that same working day. All of a sudden, the lightbulb went on and that’s when we realized the Wabash River corridor approximately concerning Terre Haute and Lafayette is an crucial habitat element for these frogs,” explained Nate Engbrecht, the Herpetologist for the Indiana Division of Organic Resources (DNR).

News 10 joined Engbrecht and his assistant for a evening of seeking for plains leopard frogs by hunting in the water and listening for the frog’s distinctive mating get in touch with.

“With the plains leopard frog, we’re listening for far more of like a chuck seem. It is like this variety of “Chuck chuck chuck,” said Engbrecht.

Though we did not spot any plains leopard frogs, we did listen to a southern leopard frog, which is far far more frequent.
There are a few leopard frog species in Indiana, the northern frog, the southern frog, and the plains leopard frog.
All three varieties of frogs get their names from the spots on their system, but the plains leopard frog has unique characteristics.

“On the plains leopard frog, at the back close of that ridge, you can find commonly a chunk of it which is generally damaged up and separated and a minor bit offset towards the center portion of the system,” Engbrecht stated.

Although the DNR is locating extra plains leopard frogs in the Wabash valley, it truly is not hurrying to take them off the point out endangered species list.

“We wrestle by that, and we believe as a result of that. At what level do you say, ‘ok, these usually are not rather as unusual as we believed, and it’s possible we go forward and de-record it.’ And so we you should not know still. I assume the do the job we do above the future pair of yrs will give us a great really feel for that,” stressed Engbrecht.

Engbrecht has been able to find plains leopard frogs with the support of those who stop by the Wabash River corridor.
If you believe you’ve spotted a plains leopard frog, you can mail a photo and the locale you discovered it listed here.