July 31, 2021


We know our pets

Fade to Gray: A cat tale | Neighborhood Information

As I get more mature and get a superior glance at social media in all its glory, I improve more and additional disgusted with it.

What commenced out as a enjoyable way to share pictures with your family members and good friends, has much more usually than not, turned into a bad melodrama the place indignant and ignorant men and women stand on an empty box and fake to be tall. Sniping at other people on Twitter more than troubles like Kamala Harris or Donald Trump is a person issue, but now I’m seeing the mob soar on matters that aren’t even real and do some actual damage.

I’d like to give you a local instance that took place not 5 times ago in the Capital Region.

On Tuesday night of this 7 days, I started getting private messages about, “What happened in Mechanicville.” So, what took place? Effectively, the messages told me that evidently some teenager determined to murder an innocent kitten by stomping on it in a parking large amount. When other teenagers noticed this, they attacked the teen and gave him a a lot-deserved beating. When the cops arrived, all people fled besides the kitten who was dead.

The gist of the concept was that law enforcement experienced not arrested the teenager for animal abuse, and this was an outrage.

I obtained 1 information like that, and I overlooked it. I did so mainly because when a teenager publicly kills an animal that way, with witnesses, they get arrested. Time period. So, I understood at the very least portion of this cat tale couldn’t be real.

A limited time later on I obtained a different message like the to start with, only this time the lady told me that she noticed the name of the 15-calendar year-old who murdered the cat, getting shared on social media. Yet again, she requested me how law enforcement could do almost nothing when everybody on Facebook understood what was occurring and had presently resolved to be decide, jury and executioner.

Sounds like a reasonable question, right until you study that the whole tale was a lie. There was a teenager and there was a kitten, but the rest of it was full nonsense. Just after obtaining lots of phone calls about the “incident”, Mechanicville police determined to put a assertion out to the media. It explained that a juvenile saw a kitten in the grass and picked it up to pet it, the way young ones in some cases do.

The kitten got spooked and bit the boy or girl, Really hard, and the startled kid threw the cat into the gentle grass. The cat was fine, the kid was not.

The little one experienced a wound that needed health-related focus. Making matters even worse, a team of other teens noticed the juvenile toss the kitten and confronted the child inquiring why he or she did that? The kid tried using to explain, the cat bit them. Somebody observed the teenagers confront the juvenile and thought it was a “fight in progress” and named Mechanicville police.

There was no combat, no animal abuse, just a misguided young particular person who was seeking to pet a kitten and learned a hard lesson on why you shouldn’t contact animals you don’t know.

But that’s not the conclude of the tale. After term received out of what persons believed occurred, the posts and messages started off. Soon sufficient, the little one who was bitten by the cat experienced their name out on social media and individuals had been now threatening the family members for the reason that they have been absolutely specific that 15-year-aged murdered a kitten in wide daylight and the cops refused to do just about anything about it.

Lie, lie, lie.

How’d you like to be that boy or girl now? Law enforcement put out the push launch telling us the fact, but when it comes to animal abuse, it is impossible to un-ring that bell. I can only speculate how lengthy his or her title will remain on the net connected with a criminal offense they by no means fully commited.

I labored with a man decades in the past who was falsely arrested for a criminal offense in a further state. While the costs had been in the long run dropped, Google his title to this day and the initially point that pops up is the arrest, not the smaller sized article about how the D.A. stated, “Never head.”

If you are on any social media system, do your self, your household and the planet a favor and do not retweet, share or message data about a thing except if you know for sure it is accurate. Most periods folks are sharing memes that are small additional than misguided propaganda, but in this circumstance a little one experienced their identify trashed for the reason that entirely developed adults who have practically nothing greater to do, evidently since The Bachelor wasn’t on Tv set that evening, acquired upset and tried to damage this child with a tale that was hardly ever true.

Sincere to God, they should be ashamed of by themselves.

I know I’m a qualified journalist, so my BS meter is a finer tuned than the average Joe, but arrive on people today. Does it make perception a teen could stomp a kitten and the cops wouldn’t treatment? Of course not. Consider in advance of you post or share.

I swear if all social media went away tomorrow the environment could possibly be the improved for it.

John Gray is a news anchor on WXXA-Fox Tv set 23 and ABC’S WTEN Information Channel 10. His column is published each Sunday. E mail him at [email protected]