May 11, 2021


We know our pets

Hero Animals coming with City Corridor 14

Keep in mind when Supercell posted that April Fools’ Day prank about ClashPetZ? Turns out it wasn’t a total joke immediately after all. Today’s Clash of Clans sneak peek — the closing for the Spring 2021 update — unveiled Hero Pets, mighty companions that guide your Heroes in fight.

The reveal of Hero Animals does not come as a finish surprise as numerous leaks hinted at the new building. But today’s announcement reveals the 4 Hero Animals you are going to be able to teach in the Pet Home.

The Pet Residence becomes readily available when your Village is upgraded to Town Hall 14. There are four ranges to the Pet Home with every stage unlocking accessibility to a new Hero Pet. The 4 Hero Animals are: L.A.S.S.I, a mechanical pet-like pet Electro Owl, a superconductive chook of prey Mighty Yak a menacing monstrosity and Unicorn, a prancing therapeutic pony.

Right here are the several stats, enhance costs and periods and pet unlocks for each degree of the Pet Residence:

Supercell has picked out to depart the particulars of every pet up to some of the most notable Clash of Clans players, but the gist of these new creatures is that each Pet has its have exclusive ability that can help the Hero it’s assigned to.


Accessible at Pet Home Stage 1, L.A.S.S.I is a rather uncomplicated pet. It can leap about partitions and assault anything at all within 2.5 tiles of the Hero it is assigned to. I’m likely to suppose it has pretty substantial health and fitness to provide as a sort of tank for the Hero.

Electro Owl

We essentially received our 1st glimpse of the Electro Owl in the April Fools’ Working day prank video clip. This superconductive bird of prey is accessible at Pet House Degree 2 and has the High Voltage skill which shoots a ranged lightning assault that chains and bounces once to a close by concentrate on. The Electro Owl will aim on the exact same troop or setting up as the Hero’s target.

Mighty Yak

The Mighty Yak turns into offered at Pet Residence Degree 3. This horned monstrosity is an absolute bulldozer, working with its Wall Buster skill to pave a path through any walls that stand in its way. The Mighty Yak promotions excess harm to walls that are inside 7 tiles of the Hero. It also does splash problems.


The fourth and ultimate pet is the Unicorn, readily available at Pet Residence Degree 4. The Unicorn is a personalized healer for the assigned Hero. The Individual Healer ability regenerates wellness for the healer over time.

All 4 Heroes can have a pet assigned to them on the other hand, only 1 pet can be assigned to each and every hero at a time. You can combine and match as you see match, which unlocks tons of diverse attack tactics — although I’m positive there will be meta techniques that maximized the performance of Hero and Pet pairings. However, the addition of Hero Pets is a amazing new feature for Town Corridor 14.

This was the remaining sneak peek for the Spring 2021 update, which implies we can likely expect it to arrive early next 7 days. However, it also indicates the update will not provide any new Troops or Spells. But with the new Town Hall 14 and all the troop and setting up updates that appear with it, I’m sure players will have a good deal to continue to keep them hectic until eventually the following significant update arrives in the Summer time.