June 20, 2021


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Hooman pranks cats with fake alligator, their curious reactions amuse men and women. Check out | Trending

“Toby and Mr. Mika right away recognized that this just isn’t a Koi….At the finish they discovered it was all pretend. No problems they are not traumatized. The fishies weren’t fearful at all, just curious as always,” reads the caption shared alongside with the video.

By Trisha Sengupta

Printed ON JUN 06, 2021 03:12 PM IST

In buy to make your Sunday brighter, here is an adorably hilarious online video involving two unsuspecting cats and their pranking hooman. Likelihood are that the reactions of the furry animals will depart you amused.

The online video is shared on YouTube along with the caption that reads, “Toby and Mr. Mika right away recognized that this is just not a Koi….At the stop they found it was all faux. No worries they are not traumatized. The fishies were not scared at all, just curious as constantly.”

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Considering that currently being shared, the video has gathered a number of reactions. A lot of shared how the movie has still left them smiling. Some also posted appreciative words for the cats.

“Toby and Mika’s reaction to the alligator cry is far too lovable. Several kisses,” wrote a YouTube person. “Toby and Mika : Alligator are you our new friend, like the koi fishes?” shared a further. “Mika is indicating that is not just one of my fish buddies. Toby is like eh whatsoever,” expressed a 3rd.

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