May 11, 2021


We know our pets

Loki is a Cat Person Now, But What About the Rest of the MCU?

Now, as Marvel transitions the proper MCU onto TV with its spate of Disney+ series, ultra pettable cats and dogs remain a big part of the franchise’s plan for worldwide dominance. In addition to Loki’s whiskery little guy, this Fall’s Hawkeye is set to introduce the beloved Pizza Dog. By bringing notable cats and dogs into its canon, Marvel is embracing a war older than the Eternals. Forget the Sokovia Accords and Civil War, what side of the line does each major Marvel character stand on? Cats or dogs. 

Well, since the Loki trailer offers up a good excuse to think about such a silly hypothetical (and because it’s still an excruciating two months before the show premieres), let’s figure out the dog people and cat people of the MCU.

Cat Person – Loki does not seem particularly interested in the cat at the Time Variance Authority office. Paradoxically that makes him even more of a cat person. 

Steve Rogers
Dog Person – But only golden retrievers.

Tony Stark
Cat Person – Stephen Strange once fairly commented that Tony likes to be surrounded by people who work for him. He would therefore find the loyalty dogs appealing but ultimately pooches are too messy for his workshop. Plus, the allure of speaking down to a cat and receiving a blank response is a strong one.

Bruce Banner
Dog Person – This is tough as Banner in the earlier MCU installments would likely steer clear of dogs…or at least he should. They’re simply too excitable and he can’t risk raising his heartrate to dangerous Hulk levels. It’s calls into question the canonical bona fides of The Incredible Hulk then, that Edward Norton’s banner hangs out with a dog in Brazil named Ricky. Post-Edward Norton, the self-actualized, in-control version of Banner from Avengers: Endgame, can certainly embrace his Dog Person potential.