August 1, 2021


We know our pets

Master Gardener: Ants verses Aunts

Why do ants and peonies go jointly like bread and butter, a horse and carriage or peanut butter and jelly?

Irrespective of what you may possibly have heard or think, peonies do not need to have ants to bloom. Peony blossoms open irrespective of whether or not ants are crawling in excess of the flower buds.

So what is the attraction?

Look at peonies that are budding and there will be eco-friendly scales masking and protecting the forming blossoms. These green scales have a plant gland known as a nectary that creates nectar, which is a blend of sugar, water and amino acids — an ant’s aspiration buffet. The ant scout rings the meal bell by producing a pheromone trail that tells the relaxation of the ant colony that meal is served.

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