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MCU: 10 Times Ant-Man Was A Total Himbo

Scott Lang is arguably the biggest himbo in the entire MCU – an adorable, unproblematic, and slightly goofy hero that always makes the audience smile. He’s not as stoic as Cap, nor as cocky as Thor, nor as immature as Star-Lord. Instead, he’s a kind, supportive, loving, somewhat naive, but always well-meaning man who always tries his level best to be a good father. And while ‘himbo’ may once have been used to simply mean a dumb hunk, these days it’s so much more than that, and all the things that Scott Lang embodies.

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Played to perfection by Paul Rudd, Scott may not have Thor’s godly qualities or Cap’s unwavering moral compass, but he has his own magic. And while the Ant-Man films often feel like fringe members of the MCU, Avengers: Endgame proved that Scott can be a vital part of the team. And the best part is, he’ll bring all his himbo energy along for the ride.

10 You Snooze, You Lose

Ant-Man and the Wasp Luis

At the start of Ant-Man and the Wasp, and following the events of Captain America: Civil War, Scott is on house arrest. He breaks his imprisonment to help Hank and Hope retrieve their lab back and naturally goes to his old friends and current business partners for help.

When Scott visits the team’s offices, he discovers that he’s the only one with a small and child-like desk. Insulted, he complains about his desk being garbage, but his friends tell him that, since he wasn’t there to choose the desk in the first place, he has no right to complain. Scott’s decision to complain about a *desk* when there are clearly more important things to worry about is funny but also quite short-sighted on his part.

9 You Make A List

When it comes to giving advice, Scott Lang remains undefeated. As they come up with their strategy to retrieve the lab, Scott reveals what his Pap-pap always said: “If you wanna do something right, you make a list.” He then proceeds to literally list everything they have to do without actually saying how they’ll do it.

It’s wholesome that Scott refers to his grandfather as “Pap-pap,” but it’s also quite unbelievable that he loses sight of the situation’s urgency and danger. Scott is well-meaning, but at times, he isn’t the best at the whole superhero-ing business.

8 The Honest Thief

After trying on the Ant-Man suit for the first time and shrinking to the size of an insect, Scott becomes terrified out of his mind. He takes the suit back to where he took it from but gets arrested on his way out of the house. Trying to explain his presence to the cops, he reveals that he isn’t actually stealing anything but returning something he previously stole.

Honesty should be the norm, but Scott should also know when to speak. This is one of the character’s most vacuous moments. He was in prison, after all, so he should’ve known better than to confess his crimes to a bunch of cops.

7 What, He Said Hat!

When Scott first comes out of prison in the first Ant-Man movie, he shares a contentious relationship with Paxton, his ex-wife’s new partner. Paxton distrusts Scott because of his criminal past, while Scott dislikes Paxton’s close-minded and judgemental nature.

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When Scott crashes his daughter Cassie’s birthday party, Paxton tells him to leave. Scott calls him an “a**hat” before being dragged out of the house by Maggie, his ex-wife. Scott is clearly mindful of the children around him, but the fact that he chose such an ineffective and milt insult is peak ridiculousness.

6 Ant-thony & Ant-onio Banderas

Scott really cares about the ants he controls. He even gives them names based on terrible ant puns, like Ant-hony and Ant-onio Banderas. Much of this serves as mindless humor but there is something sweet about Scott bonding with the ants he uses.

Even though they’re insects and Scott only uses them in certain situations, it’s clear he sees them as partners and members of his team instead of just mindless beasts or slaves. Caring is a vital part of the himbo code, and this is a prime example.

5 An Idiot In The Landing Zone

War Machine and Ant-Man in Avengers Endgame

Scott serves as the butt of many jokes in Avengers: Endgame. His unconventional abilities, lack of experience in the superhero business, and constant look of awe and admiration make him the perfect punching bag for characters like Iron-Man, Rocket, and Rhodey.

When she first meets him, Nebula immediately disregards him. Scott expresses admiration for the Milano, but Nebula remains unimpressed and even insults him. Rhodey belittles him too, almost immediately. Scott doesn’t get offended or angry, though. He remains as cheerful as ever because he is just happy to be part of the whole thing, once again proving how happily unthinking he can be.

4 No One Knows Ant-Man

Professor Hulk takes a picture with a group of kids in Avengers: Endgame

When Scott first meets Professor Hulk, he can barely believe it. One of his trademarks is always being amazed by the bizarre stuff that happens around him, and a convivial Hulk is beyond credibility. A group of kids then approach their table and take a picture with Hulk. They refuse to take one with Ant-Man, though, because they don’t know him.

Himbos often think about things in very basic terms. Scott is also a superhero, so why wouldn’t the kids want a picture with him? He gets slightly annoyed when he understands they just don’t know who he is, but like every good himbo, he gets over it pretty quickly.

3 Thanks For Thanking Of Him

Captain America and Ant-Man in Civil War

Scott has a bit of a crush on Captain America. He notably admires Cap and constantly fangirls around him. When he first meets him, right before the pivotal airport battle in Civil War, a flustered Scott can’t find the words to express his gratitude at being invited to the party.

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“Thanks for thinking of me,” he famously says, although his “thinking” comes out more like a “thanking.” Scott’s overt appreciation for Cap, and the neediness that companies it, are prime examples of one of the himbo’s trademark qualities: harmless shamelessness.

2 Hi, I’m Scott

Ant-Man meets Falcon.

Scott loves the Avengers, mainly because he appreciates what they do and represent. In the first Ant-Man film, Hank and Hope send him to retrieve a device located inside an Avengers facility. There, Scott encounters Falcon, and he simply introduces himself hoping to avoid a fight.

The fact that Scott chooses a polite way to deal with the situation once again shows his kinder and softer approach to life. It also, however, shows how careless and feebleminded he can be. He’s literally trespassing and attempting to steal something from the Avengers. Revealing his secret identity at the first opportunity is, quite possibly, his dumbest moment.

1 That’s America’s A**

Scott’s crush on Captain America is perfectly displayed during one of Endgame‘s most memorable scenes. While in the middle of the time heist, Tony and Scott are hiding in Avengers tower, watching the Avengers apprehend Loki after the battle of New York.

Tony notes how the Captain suit “does nothing” for Cap’s butt, but Scott haves none of it. He quickly jumps in his hero’s defense and notes that “as far as (Scott’s) concerned, that’s America’s a**.” Himbos are now often called the antidote to toxic masculinity, and this moment is the perfect example. Scott is unashamed to fangirl over his idol and thus says the first thing that comes into his mind. Careless and simple-minded, yet well-intentioned and charming. Scott Land is definitely the MCU’s ultimate himbo.

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