June 20, 2021


We know our pets

Nioh 2’s cat mates can wipe out bosses

Even at the best of moments, Nioh 2 remains a quite complicated action-RPG. You can find almost never any time for respite, as nasty demons will go out of their way to rip you to shreds. In this cruel, cruel earth there is one particular beacon of hope, although. And it is cats. Rotund cats, that’ll comply with you all-around and smack enemies for you. Turns out, that if you encompass yourself with 3 felines, you can expect to be completely unstoppable.

One particular player by the identify of poslepoludyna could not defeat the remaining manager on Way of the Demon problems (the equivalent of New Game+ 2). They were underlevelled and desperate for a way out. So, they summoned 3 cats to combat together with them and, very well, definitely crushed the manager, “like it was almost nothing”.

You can see the brave felines in action for you down below. Spoiler warning!

In Nioh 2, there’s an product known as the “Clay Bell of Reckoning”. Give it a jingle and it’ll summon a Scampuss – or “rolly-cat” as I like to contact them – by your facet. These cuties will roll alongside you for a while, and aggressively bump into something that stands in your way.

On their lonesome, these cats are not precisely anything particular. They’ll do a bit of “ki damage”, and barely dent an enemy’s purple ki bar. This is correctly a posture meter, so once it really is diminished to zero an enemy will be briefly rendered susceptible and unable to retaliate.

But in the footage, poslepoludyna calls upon a litter of kitties at all around the 38 next mark, highlighted by the significant-pitched mews of the rolly-cats that show up by their side. And they go to function, working an amazing total of ki injury. They only do no give a toss, repeatedly throwing the by themselves at the manager, and thunking its purple bar down at lightspeed.

This tends to make it significantly a lot easier for poslepoludyna to get the manager to a susceptible point out, and unleash a world of damage. Even with staying seriously underlevelled, the rolly-cats ensured it was mainly a breeze.

Getting struggled with a quantity of bosses in Nioh 2, I will be adopting this strategy relocating forwards. I also, will be unbeatable.