July 31, 2021


We know our pets

Palo Alto cat has an obsession with licking her proprietor

Pricey JOAN: I have a cat named Cecily. She’s a Maine coon and is incredibly loveable and mellow. These days, she has made a routine that is driving me a nuts.

She licks me all the time. She largely licks my arms and hands, but at evening, I at times wake up to her licking my legs, feet and a few instances, even my experience. I really do not like the sense of her tongue. I can take it for a minimal even though, but then it gets to be troublesome. I also get worried that she could possibly be licking some thing off my skin that can make her ill.

Why is she executing it, and how do I get her to knock it off?

Lucy L., Palo Alto

Dear LUCY: There are many reasons that cats like to lick us — and opposite to myth, they are not tenderizing us in preparing for a long term cat revolt.

Though none of the factors are indications of well being challenges, it is nevertheless some thing you will want to go over with your vet. There may be something missing in Cecily’s diet — sodium, probably — that she’s having from licking your pores and skin.

In all chance, Cecily is just demonstrating you that she enjoys you. Cats usually lick their litter mates and even other animals as a signal of affection. She almost certainly sees you as a good companion, and as such, she is exhibiting her really like.

She also could be marking you as her property. Cats use scent to mark territory, typically rubbing their chins and mouths on objects, leaving a odor that tells other cats that this home is taken. They also do it by licking matters, or in this case, people.

If you have other pets or a human that you are fond of, Cecily could be warning them not to get way too major about you as you are taken.

Cecily could also be commenting on your grooming. Mama cats groom their kittens in purchase to teach them how to do it. You shouldn’t get this as a significant criticism of your hygiene or grooming patterns. It is just a cat matter.