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Diary entry for March 29, 2021: “Drove to Farmer’s Valley and stopped several occasions, hoping to hear wood frogs.”

Even though the temperatures have been lower at evening, our times are sunny, and I imagined possibly the wood frogs might have started their mating rituals.

The wooden frog’s breeding time is in early spring, even in advance of that of the properly-identified spring peepers. Typically, the wooden frog’s breeding time begins even though patches of snow are nonetheless on the floor and the water’s edge is nevertheless frozen. The wood frog migrates to drinking water to breed. Most of these drinking water breeding internet sites are reduced locations in the woods that have loaded with water from the spring runoff.

Since these drinking water locations are shorter-lived the wood frogs’ breeding time has to be early and swift. Once in a while, in a chilly snap, both equally the adults and eggs will freeze. In accordance to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s book entitled “Pennsylvania Amphibians and Reptiles” the eggs do not die but simply just lie dormant, though awaiting warmer temperatures to produce.

The wood frog is a diurnal amphibian, this means the frog is mainly lively through the day. On the other hand, the wooden frog, with its secretive and solitary way, has the means to blend in with the background, generating it practically impossible to notice. The exception to this is in the course of the breeding season.

Male wooden frogs appear to be to arrive at the breeding ponds at the exact time. A warm rain and temperature reaching 50 degrees are typically essential to entice the wood frog from hibernation. This at times takes place in late February, having said that, in Bradford County, it is normally not right up until the middle of or late March when I hear the male wooden frogs contacting.

Even though floating on the surface of h2o, the male commences to make a sequence of small, raspy duck-like calls. A single call by yourself is not really loud but the chorus of hundreds of frogs can be listened to a long way off.

Ordinarily, the ladies are captivated to the h2o a day or two right after the males start out calling. The moment a female enters the water, the males sprint to her and a slight scuffle happens. The successful male grasps the woman all-around the entire body with his forelegs (a placement referred to as amplexus), and then, the two swim to an egg laying web-site, which is generally in a sunny place. Immediately after the woman deposits two to a few thousand eggs into the h2o, the male will fertilize the eggs.

The egg conditions, which are black and encased in a crystal clear jelly mass, connect on their own to the rising eco-friendly vegetation. The black of the egg collects the sun’s heat, although the jelly coating assists to insulate the egg. Warmth is also produced by a regular metabolic system, which will increase the temperature of the embryo.

Sometimes, there are communal egg-laying sites in which girls deposit eggs on to other female’s egg masses. Web-sites have been documented the place many ladies laid their eggs in a single significant mass. When this takes place the eggs on the within of the egg mass are about 6 levels warmer than eggs on the outside of the egg mass.

After the egg masses are in the h2o for about a week, they commence to flatten float upward to the surface and unfold out, appearing to be eco-friendly scum on the surface area of the drinking water. From this stage, the tiny eggs acquire less than a month to hatch. The tadpoles leaving the eggs are a greenish olive in color, with a substantial tail crest. They keep on being as tadpoles for around two months.

Immediately after breeding takes place, the grownup frogs depart the breeding location as immediately as they arrived. The wood frog’s breeding time seldom lasts for more than a 10-working day interval. They will shell out the summer season significantly absent from the h2o. The wooden frog is uncovered throughout Pennsylvania and is the only frog residing in the frosty atmosphere located north of the Arctic Circle. Since the wood frogs favored haunt is shade and moisture, woodlands are a very likely region to come across them. As winter season settles more than its forest home, the wood frog burrows beneath the forest particles to hibernate under the leaves or beneath moss-lined logs.

The typical amphibian’s daily life commences in the h2o, and considering the fact that every egg has a small yolk, the embryo has to hatch in a quick time.

The tadpole has to improve drastically as it grows. The exterior gills are shortly shed, and within a couple months, small hind limbs seem, adopted by forelimbs. As the frog tadpole grows, the tail diminishes until finally the tiny creature has finally modified entirely to its grownup form. An important internal adjust has also taken area in the digestive technique. Tadpoles (plant-eaters) and grownup amphibians (flesh eaters) have completely diverse forms of digestive methods.

Frogs under no circumstances die of aged age considering that they have numerous enemies, such as herons, turtles, snakes, larger sized frogs, fish and of training course, man. Our populace of frogs has been on the decrease but not mainly because of predators. The drop is since amphibians have really little lungs, and portion of their respiratory is through the pores and skin. The skin are unable to avert the entry of the lots of substances, which are used now in agriculture, that are usually deadly to amphibians.

Our term frog arrives from Outdated English frogga, which was almost certainly explained as a playful different to the far more serious frosc, which was applied as a derogatory term for a French particular person. The term goes back again to the 18th century and was presumably influenced by the French hunger for frog legs. Frogs and toads make up an purchase known as Anura, which usually means with out tails.

Frogs are amphibians. Our term amphibian will come from two Greek words: amphi, meaning on equally sides and bios, meaning daily life. Translated as “living in two places,” referring to the amphibians dividing their life among land and water.

When the breeding period for the wood frog is pretty much over, the breeding year for the spring peepers will get started. There could be a time period of time when both of those the wood frogs and the spring peepers are heard calling, a seem identical to sleigh bells.

Bill Bower is a retired Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Officer. Read through his blog site and listen to his podcasts on the outdoor at



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