May 11, 2021


We know our pets

Pets of Pinkbike – Pond Beaver 2021

We never get to see the animals we typically see at trade demonstrates this year — like Hank — so here are the Pets of Pond Beaver.
Title: Maya
Form: Australian Shepherd x Border Collie
Age: 1.5 yrs
Human: Jason Lucas, Video clip Output Manager

We picked up Maya from a farm in Williams Lake, BC, very last January correct in advance of the globe flipped upside down. Actually, she was a large handful in her early months but due to the fact then has turned into very the rad companion. Her favorite pursuits include things like riding, hiking, swimming, chasing birds, and becoming a consistent supply of amusement.

Name: Cruz
Sort: Golden Retriever / Border Collie
Age:1.5 decades
Human: Max Barron, Videographer

He loves to go on hikes, lick kids’ faces, eat all the foods, and people today observe from our rental. But his favourite factor to do is engage in fetch with his orange ball.

Name: Mirabel or Mira
Style: Maremma / Klee Kai / Catahoula
Age: 15 months
Human: Daniel Sapp, Complex Editor

Mirabel (Mira) Sapp is a 15 month outdated Maremma/Klee Kai/Catahoula combine. She’s a solid 90 lbs of dog that enjoys being in the woods, paying out time with her good friends, and has not too long ago started receiving out on some mountain bicycle rides and is a all-natural at navigating technical terrain. Mira life in Pisgah Forest, NC with her mother and dad.

Identify: Pana
Form: Vizsla
Age: 6 many years
Human: Melanie Jansen, Product sales Functions Coordinator

She is now 6 years outdated and obtained a little bit a lot more grey about her snout. Like many others all through Covid she tried picking up some bizarre new hobbies like enjoying tennis, but recognized she significantly prefers getting a trail puppy chasing right after bikes

Title: Keoke
Kind: A few-toed box turtle
Age: 25
Human: Mike Kazimer, Running Specialized Editor

Keoke technically belongs to my spouse Angi, but I devote a lot of time with him considering the fact that he resides in my residence office environment. She bought him from a pet retail outlet back in 1996 and he is been chilling and ingesting worms (his all-time beloved meals) at any time because. He also enjoys bananas, strawberries, and raspberries.

Identify: Eddy
Age: 1.7
Human: Alan Crisp, Head of Sales
Weight: An S-operates Epic with a entire bottle
Suited terrain: Mild XC / Gravel
Reach: Small
Stack: Smol
Excess weight bias: Front
Pros: Acceleration
Downsides: Reliability

Pinkbike’s Acquire: “Eddy experienced the quickest loop time, 1.4% up on the Pug SE1 and 5.5% in advance of the English Bulldog115. Eddy placed 3rd on the descent, 1.41% behind the canine with lengthier legs.”

Identify: Spud
Kind: Huntaway
Age: 5 decades
Human: Henry Quinney, Technical Editor

This is Spud. He’s a huntaway and he lives on my parent’s farm. He’s the Livestock and Protection Supervisor but he wouldn’t damage a fly genuinely. In point, one particular of the farm properties bought broken into last 12 months and he fundamentally just cuddled with the burglar for a few minutes. A good sheepdog, a ineffective guard doggy but completely lovable all the identical.

Editorial be aware: I would also crack into a farm making to cuddle with Spud. -AL

Title: Sitka (ginger) and Ashlu (tortie)
Style: Presumably domestic short-hairs, adopted from WAG in Whistler
Age: 2.5 calendar year previous sister-cats
Human: Christie Gibbs, Finance

These gals were at Pond Beaver past year, but have given that received a collective .9kg between them, appear to be to have an infinite supply of zoomies, and appreciate seeing nature films for cats on YouTube. They also actually appreciate pouncing on their people at 5am demanding meals and attention. Cardboard containers have due to the fact replaced their fuzzy ball as their favorite merchandise in the environment.

Title: Peyton Manning
Type: Maybe Border Collie / Shepard X
Age: Perhaps 11+ years
Human: Paula Moran, Operations

Rescued from Alberta, Canada started out daily life dwelling exterior with no residence. Now enjoys shelling out his times mountain biking with his human beings, chasing squirrels, lounging at household, and disregarding minor bro. Enjoys that his mum at present functions from household.

Title: Rory McIlroy
Kind: Heinz 57???
Age: Best guess is 7+ several years
Human: Paula Moran, Operations

Rescued minor dude, discovered roaming streets in California. Now spends times modelling cozy knit sweaters, following significant bro everywhere and struts all around with his all-natural mohawk like he owns the spot. Needs standard photo voltaic charging to act as home and office inform system. If no sun, a hearth will do. Despite little dimensions is also a trail pet – in some cases receives a trip in a backpack.

Title: Petrusca
Human: Seb Stott, Technical Editor

This is our cat, Pietruszka. The title indicates parsley in Polish – she utilised to belong to a Polish woman who, presumably, preferred parsley. She enjoys meowing, walking across my facial area at night time, biting my hand while I stroke her and hiding decapitated rodents about the home (the cat, not the Polish lady). She’s really adorable while. Often she even joins us for a walk in the woods.

Name: Zola
Variety: Jack Russell Terrier / Pug
Age:5 a long time
Human: Ed Spratt, Information Editor

We rescued Zola from an awesome doggy charity a pair of decades back right after a pretty tough lifetime likely as a result of two house owners in significantly less than three yrs. The very first several months were being rather hectic as she had a ton of difficulties to work through. But now Zola enjoys to head out into the woods, even though this is only when she isn’t expending most of the day rapid asleep.

Name: Misiu
Style: Border Collie x Lab
Age: 4 months
Human: Radek Burkat, OG

Misiu likes steak, very long walks, and world-wide-web cables.

Names: Tremendous Puff, Blue, Rex, and Foxy
Sort: Western fence and spiny granite lizards
Human: RC, legend

From remaining to ideal: Super Puff, female Western Fence Lizard Blue, male Western Fence Rex Male Spiny Granite lizard and Roxy, woman Spiny Granite. I have befriended these reptiles to the level exactly where they line up at my kitchen door for treats (food worms). I feed them by hand. It is rare, but often I can experience their tiny tooth when 1 of them receives a very little way too enthusiastic. It is been 3 yrs now. They hibernate through the wintertime, and you by no means know when they are going to demonstrate up on the doorstep when spring comes.

Identify: X Æ A-12
Type: Human little one
Age: 1 yr
Human: Brian Park, Head of Editorial

Tremendous lovely, enjoys actively playing with sticks, sometimes pees on the rug.

Title: Habernasch
Style: Bulldog
Age:7 years
Human: Mike Levy, Specialized Editor, and Sarah Lukas, formerly PR & Communications

Grumpy. Legs will not get the job done. Enjoys to skid by the inside of line.

Name: Meeshka
Style: Husky / Shepherd
Age:7 years
Human: Mike Levy, Specialized Editor, and Sarah Lukas, previously PR & Communications

Has two eyes. All legs do the job. Enjoys Tim Bits. Enjoys Mike Levy. Loves Motor vehicle Rides.

Title: Sherpa
Kind: Shiba Inu
Human: Mike Levy, Technical Editor, and Sarah Lukas, formerly PR & Communications

Blind. Deaf. One-eyed pirate dog. Has razor-sharp tooth, but provides nose kisses if you’re lucky.