May 14, 2021


We know our pets

Purr-anormal action! Cat operator sets up camera to expose pet’s antics

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A cat proprietor has provided a hilarious peek into what his cat receives up to whilst he sleeps, sharing footage from inside his bedroom.


Aaron Brown, 37, from Dallas, Texas, is found tossing and turning in mattress as the cat, named Tormund, struts close to the space and attempts to disrupt the owner’s sleep by leaping on, licking and pawing his facial area.

In the online video the two-calendar year-previous feline, who was rescued by Mr Brown in early 2020, does not appear to sleep at all, rather using his proprietor as a climbing frame and scratching write-up. 

The troublesome cat, an American medium hair, can be seen on the lookout out of the window right before heading back to his owner’s side to cuddle up.

Mr Brown captioned the online video ‘Tormund Attacks’, producing ‘I’m a somewhat new cat owner. This is my life now.’  

He thinks that the cat wakes him up by leaping on him during the night due to the fact he is so keen to have his early morning feed. 

The online video, which he shared on YouTube, has racked up 1.8million sights considering that he posted the footage. 

Mr Brown explained he took the online video in April of last calendar year, many months right after he received the cat, in get to display his good friend just how ‘ridiculous’ the cat’s behaviour is in the mornings.  

The proprietor claimed: ‘Tormund was quite shy at first…but he’s not shy any longer.

‘The reaction has been considerably bigger than I expected – it was supposed as a just one-off video to display my household and close friends.

a cat wearing glasses: Here Tormund sits on his favourite seat, his owner Aaron Brown, as they cosy up at home

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Here Tormund sits on his favorite seat, his owner Aaron Brown, as they cosy up at residence

a person sitting posing for the camera: Mr Brown filmed the video to a friend, with the video unexpectedly getting 1.8 million views on Youtube

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Mr Brown filmed the video to a friend, with the online video unexpectedly acquiring 1.8 million views on Youtube

‘However, now that it has obtained a bit of popularity, I’m very glad it can be brought some degree of amusement to so a lot of folks.’

One particular social media consumer explained the clip was anything that all cat house owners will be capable to relate to, creating: ‘Hilarious!! These of us with cats all experience your sleeplessness!

‘My large fur child likes to consistently participate in the cow jumped over the moon with my head each individual early morning 90 minutes just before my alarm goes off.

a cat that is lying down and looking at the camera: Here the feline appears to be feeling the effects of staying up all night, as he yawns widely

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Below the feline seems to be experience the results of keeping up all night time, as he yawns extensively

a close up of a cat: Despite the sleep deprivation due to Tormund's excitable behaviour Mr Brown is clearly very happy with his decision to adopt the feline

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Inspite of the slumber deprivation because of to Tormund’s excitable conduct Mr Brown is obviously extremely happy with his choice to undertake the feline

‘If that falls to wake me, she talks loudly at me though leaping over/on my head until I give in and make her breakfast.’

A further commented: ‘Thank you for the significantly needed chortle! Love it! Thoroughly understand, as I have four who are in consistent competition about what they evidently contemplate primary genuine estate, (as shut to my experience as probable).

‘It’s a under no circumstances ending recreation of King of the Hill or extra aptly put: King of the Mother…lol!’

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