May 11, 2021


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Really don’t let fire ants ruin your summer

Latest rains have produced it less difficult to track down fireplace ants and spring is a fantastic time to command hearth ants when they research for foods and develop mounds. 

Broadcast baits are the main of AgriLife Extension’s proposed procedure. The method results in being successful as temperatures begin to rise and ants start to obtain forage to feed their new brood, claimed Dr. Allen Knutson, entomologist. But as soon as sizzling, dry summer time problems set in, fireplace ants come to be less active and mounds become considerably less obvious as ants go deeper in lookup of humidity.

“It’s time now in central and southern Texas to place out baits,” Knutson said. “It’s a good time to use baits in spring as they are normally slow acting. It usually will take two to 4 months to see success from working with baits made up of indoxacarb, spinosad or hydramethylnon. Setting up as early as attainable provides more time to delight in summer without having fire ants.”