September 23, 2021


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Researchers use amphibian foam to deliver prescription drugs for the 1st time

Amphibian foam has been employed in drug delivery for the initial time by scientists, which could support to beat the increase of antimicrobial resistance.  

Picture Credit: Queen’s College Belfast

The group from Queen’s University Belfast, the College of Strathclyde, and the College of Glasgow located that the foam, uncovered in frogs nests, has the likely to provide rewards to topical, vaginal and rectal drug shipping. It offers a managed -release delivery, which minimises risk of an infection and antimicrobial resistance, although the natural kind also lessens chance of allergy.  

Industrial foams have extensive been used for the delivery of cosmetics and medications, on the other hand there is higher variability in the foamability and very long-conditions stability of synthetic foams.  

The researchers collected foam from wild túngara frogs, which protects this species from the elements in its native Trinidad, which includes extreme temperatures as very well as dangerous microbes.

As the foam provided defense in these excessive circumstances, the researchers hypothesised that it could give a far more durable procedure for drug shipping and delivery. They carried out laboratory checks to evaluate its construction and composition. The scientists also made nanoparticles to deliver prescription drugs by means of the foam and discovered that the foam introduced the compounds slowly when the construction held with each other.  

The research has been posted in the Royal Culture Open up Science.


In tests the foam in our labs, we analysed the properties of the foam and ended up impressed that not only was it robust and strong, but when we administered medication, they have been unveiled around a extensive period of time. This controlled release and stable compounds has substantial implications for drug supply.  


Just one useful instance could be with melt away remedy whereby the foam would enable the drugs to be shipped below the bandage in excess of a more time time period, without having required to remove the bandages frequently, which would lower the opportunity of infection. Organic and natural constructions are also significantly less irritable and a lot less probable to induce allergic reactions to human pores and skin. Even further testing is necessary, but we are energized about the prospect of this novel drug shipping which could be utilized for proteins or siRNA.”


Dr Dimitrios Lamprou, University of Pharmacy, Queen’s University Belfast


The team have effectively produced the foam’s proteins in a laboratory utilizing microbes, acknowledging that the frogs won’t be in a position to deliver ample foam to meet up with producing calls for. The subsequent phase of the research will focus on the capability to scale up the replica of the specific foam homes in a laboratory setting.  

Professor Paul Hoskisson at the University of Strathclyde and researcher on the examine, additional: “This is the very first time an amphibian foam has been utilized for drug delivery. It should give us a awesome, secure delivery motor vehicle that can be administered to people without any dread of earning them ill, unlike lots of of the other artificial shipping cars. We are now hunting at reproducing the actual foam as nicely as much more concentrate on analysing a lot more medication to see which prescription drugs lend by themselves improved to this form of drug supply.”


Journal reference:

Brozio, S., et al. (2021) Frog nest foams show pharmaceutical foam-like houses. Royal Society Open up Science.