November 28, 2021


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Rick James the Cat Shows How Felines Are Supremely Affectionate

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Rick James the cat and Jennifer Lamp seem to have uncovered ideal heavenly bliss on Earth alongside one another. Lamp understands Rick is the “coolest cat ever” and terribly loving. For her, there’s no spot she’d somewhat be than cozied up with this cuddle monster.

Rick James the cat and Jennifer Lamp through Facebook

Rick James Cuddly Motion Goes Viral

viral Facebook put up reveals the two with each other sharing a tender minute. In the video, Rick James gently pulls his human’s nose to him and then proceeds to give several nose kisses. This kitty is truly lavishing passion on Jennifer, and it is just so cute. In response, she smiles as we all bask in the feline fuzzies. If there were being ever any question that cats are supremely affectionate, it’s all absent now. 

This variety of tenderness is what the environment desires correct now. Right before extended, Lamp’s video clip arrived at viral position. On ViralHog, she described how the video came to be:

“My chonky cat is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever experienced,” said Lamp. “I wake up with him embracing me each individual early morning, and he presents me snuggles. He not only loves me but enjoys meeting new people today and will hug and snuggle persons that occur into the property. The video was filmed in Gilbert, Arizona, right after I’d just woken up. My cat’s identify is Rick James. He is 22 lbs of affection.”

Rick James the Loverboy

This online video from early July is just one particular of quite a few in which Rick James shares a tender moment with his human. When Lamp has corporation, this kitty enjoys to cuddle them as properly. For a cat lover, who would not want a hug from Rick James?

It seems Rick James is pretty the loverboy, catnapping even though hugging Lamp’s pillow. As he snoozes, he loudly purrs with such a soothing sound.

“You experienced me at meow,” she wrote.

Graphic by using Facebook

In another write-up, we get to see the comprehensive energy of Rick James’s “galaxy eyes,” reminding us of the animated “Puss in Boots” from the movie “Shrek.”

Rick James galaxy eyes

Rick James galaxy eyes by way of Fb

Below you can see what we indicate about Puss in Boots performed by Antonio Banderas.

Rick James Has Been Cuddling for Several years

Below, Lamp shares a video clip from 2016, showing that Rick James has been wholly cuddly for many years.

More a short while ago, Rick James was back at it, nuzzling up so tenderly it just can make you soften. In reaction, Lamp smiles, exuding these kinds of happiness. This video clip is like remedy, a single we all require nowadays. All the anxiety of the environment melts away observing these two satisfied souls.

Times back, we see the two sharing some “bedtime cuddles.” In response, 1 man or woman wrote, “I can never ever get ample of him! I wanna hug him so a great deal!!! 🥰🥰

We cannot get enough either!

The Heat and Fuzzies

It appears these two have found Nirvana, purrfectly articles experiencing their time collectively. When not being a loverboy, Rick James finds peace and serenity in the easy matters, like this box. If only we could all attain this phase of enlightenment? A person can dream.

In the box, Rick James On the box, Rick James

A Shower of Feline Passion

Lately, Persons magazine shared the viral movie. In response, numerous persons shared how their cats are likewise affectionate, showering adore on them.

1 man or woman shared a movie of their personalized cat Massuer, who enjoys kneading on her human’s stomach. 

A different human being wrote, “Too cute my Tiger kitty presents you kisses by licking your nose! When she performs with you and bites you she licks the spot saying sorry I little bit you! Cats are caring animals as well!”

“OMG that is the most lovely detail!” wrote a different person.

In a different scenario, an individual experienced a comical response:

“My cat exhibits passion by pummelling me violently and licking my precise eyeball…”

Definitely, cats are unpredictable, hilarious, and, certainly, really affectionate. If you are a cat lover, you by now know how affectionate and loving they are. So, share us a tale about the TLC showered on you in the feedback.

We thank Rick James the Cat and Jennifer Lamp for sharing these warm and fuzzy posts on Fb. Their distinctive bond is certainly wonderful.

Picture through Facebook

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