May 14, 2021


We know our pets

Shortly, the web will make its personal cat photographs and then it will not want us

This cat does not exist:

AI-manufactured cat.

This one particular doesn’t possibly:

Pretend cat.

These are laptop or computer-produced photos from This Cat Does Not Exist, and people: I consider we are in difficulties.

I understand this is likely to audio crackpot, but listen to me out. What if our personal computers are previously smarter than us, and the only explanation they’re pretending they are not is so we’ll continue on feeding them their favored thing, pics of our cats? I recognize that in isolation this appears preposterous, but I never assume it is any sillier than the Singularity.

Beneath this idea, Skynet has now took place, but Skynet is benign since one particular of the very first matters we taught it was that cats ended up adorable. And Skynet doesn’t have cats. We do. This is our main structural edge: we can feed the world-wide-web refreshing cat photos. It is why the internet — thus far, anyway — has remained eager to carry on human daily life as we know it: for our cats.

The dilemma, then, with This Cat Does Not Exist is that it will allow the world-wide-web to make its have cat pictures. That usually means Skynet doesn’t need to have us anymore.

This isn’t new, particularly — but last calendar year, the computer system-created cats ended up horror shows. And yes, a people today edition exists currently, but this isn’t an existential threat. We did not teach the personal computers that individuals are adorable. We taught them that cats are.

A single of these cats is actual (and my possess private cat). The other 1 does not exist:

Elizabeth Lopatto and This Cat Does Not Exist

The tells, as significantly as I can see, happen all-around the edge of the fur: it is weirdly blurry. Also, as with the individuals model, the phony cat has an out-of-focus track record. The coloration in the faux cat’s eyes is also a small much less defined than my cat’s. Nevertheless, this is spectacular.

The new batch of AI cats is restricted — face only, no goofball motion, from time to time the ears do not match — but they could extremely perfectly depict the initially stage toward the Matrix-like long term of humanity. Due to the fact if the machines do not need our cat pictures any longer, they never have to have us.