October 16, 2021


We know our pets

These are the 10 most preferred breeds of doing the job puppy in the United kingdom

Pet dog possession soared by practically eight for every cent previous 12 months in accordance to the Kennel Club, as lockdown meant persons felt a lot more capable to open up their residence up to a new puppy dog.

But with 221 various breeds of pedigree puppy to opt for from, there’s lots of pondering to do just before you choose your best pooch – irrespective of whether you want a big puppy, family members-pleasant canine, or crossbreed.

The Kennel Club separates breeds into seven unique teams, each of which have a distinct established of characteristics.

If you are wanting for a puppy that is clever, sturdy, watchful and warn, it’s value wanting at breeds in the Functioning Team.

These are the 10 most well-known working canine in the United kingdom, in accordance to Kennel Club registrations in 2020.