September 16, 2021


We know our pets

Washington authorities uncover 8 pythons in park prompting city to plead: ‘Do not release pets into the wild!’

Police and animal command staff in southern Washington condition found eight nonnative pythons slithering all-around a recreational place on Thursday.

The seize of the 3-to-6-foot-lengthy reptiles prompted the town of Camas, Washington – throughout the border from Portland, Oregon – to alert folks “remember to do not launch animals into the wild!”  

“You have listened to of other obligations as assigned, nicely it’s possible not like this!” the town jokingly tweeted of the come across. 

Authorities didn’t say who could possibly have remaining the snakes in the park but assumed they did not get there on their own. 

The snakes are not venomous, and when the ones identified in the 312-acre Lacamas Regional Park have been thought of medium-sized, some greater pythons can develop massive adequate to constrict their house owners, according to

Only 17 men and women have been killed in constrictor snake-linked fatalities in the U.S. since 1978, according to the Humane Culture

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The snakes have been taken to an animal shelter to be examined and likely specified new houses, FOX 12 of Portland described. 

Correction: An before edition of this tale incorrectly mentioned pythons are a native species to Florida. Burmese pythons are deemed to be an invasive species in the state.