September 17, 2021


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When will Taco Bell’s Crispy Hen Sandwich Taco be out there?

Product shot of Taco Bell's Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco [image provided by Taco Bell]

Photograph: Taco Bell

Back at the beginning of this year, there was so much rooster news coming throughout the wire on any provided day that it was setting up to feel like the parade of thrilling new menu items—and, much more broadly, the quickly food stuff poultry renaissance—would only never stop. Anticipation ran higher, as did our optimism.

Various occasions above, that optimism was rewarded. McDonald’s didn’t knock it out of the park with its much-hyped presenting, but its 3 different possibilities had been all perfectly respectable. Subsequent, Burger King’s interpretation, the sad to say named Ch’King, acquired high marks for one of a kind sweet-and-spicy notes in the sauce. And Hardee’s, of all places, came out swinging with a chicken sandwich whose crispy crunchy crags spot it large up on our record, ideal near Popeyes. But a single rapid meals outlet proceeds to tease us with information of a forthcoming chicken sandwich we just can’t quit imagining about: Taco Bell, which is at this time tests its Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco in a cherished couple of test markets.

We figured out in February that Taco Bell experienced programs to enter the Rooster Sandwich Wars with a quirky adaptation of the format, a single that included wrapping the tortilla-chip-coated fried rooster in “a puffy bread, formed in an iconic taco sort.” Both typical and spicy variations had been promised, and every comes with a creamy chipotle sauce (the spicy one will get jalapeño slices). But the celebration had only started off in Nashville, Tennessee, and Charlotte, North Carolina, as only two exam markets had been chosen to obtain this bounty. For almost six months, I have lain in wait around, often subsequent up with PR reps who politely advise me that they will move alongside updates on the taco when there is any information to ship.

Why can not I cease wondering about this Crispy Rooster Sandwich Taco? I believe it’s the bread. I want to know just how puffy the bread is, how softly it hugs the rooster cutlet inside. But I also want to know how considerably the jalapeños independent the standard from the spicy, for the reason that a handful of pickled slices simply cannot perhaps make that a lot of a change among the two, can they? What ever the situation, Redditors from the two exam marketplaces have excellent issues to say so much, which only adds to my anguish. We’re working out of months in the year, and we ended up promised the product “later this year.” Now is afterwards. I want the time to be now.

Am I wrong to obsess above the Crispy Hen Sandwich Taco? Is this kind of fixation most likely to direct to unavoidable disappointment? You should, reassure me. Or inform me I’m improved off trying to find out a Hardee’s. I want to know the place all people stands on puffy bread formed in iconic taco forms.