August 4, 2021


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YouTuber cooks hen by slapping it for 8 several hours

By Lutho Pasiya Mar 19, 2021

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If there is no oven or a conventional fireplace to make your foods, you can cook dinner your rooster with the power of consistent slaps.

As bizarre as it may seem, a YouTuber, who is regarded for his wacky experiments, has proven how hen can be cooked if slapped constantly for some time, right up until it reaches a sure temperature.

Louis Weisz shared the video clip on his YouTube page. In a 13-minute clip, Weisz attempts many approaches to cook dinner the hen and lastly does it.

He claims he is hunting to develop a machine that would slap at a quicker level, with nominal warmth loss and additional affect command.

Weisz initial attempts to cook dinner the rooster but fails. He then begins producing a device that can slap the rooster. In the stop, he cooks the chicken by slapping it 135 000 occasions.

Weisz shared the online video with the title, “I cooked the chicken by slapping it”. It took him two months to prepare dinner the hen and, in the end, he states: “This is performed by skilled idiots. Do not try out it at home”.

The online video garnered extra than 5 million sights and extra than 18 000 feedback at the time of publication.

One particular user wrote: “So this is what we’d be undertaking experienced our ancestors not learned hearth.”

Yet another user wrote: “This man is a best blend of Mark Rober, William Osman and Michael Reeves.”

A third user wrote: “That dude who made the original joke of superman staying in a position to slap a hen hard plenty of to cook dinner have to be so happy appropriate now.”